Miss Sassy Boots. Esquire. (reformedestella) wrote in klutzychicks,
Miss Sassy Boots. Esquire.

How She Falls, How She Falls....

Am complete and utter SPACE CASE.

While walking quickly away from my last class of the day (world literature YAWN) I came upon one of those large heavy glass door things in Colgate Hall. I was, at the time, contemplating the ritualistic sacrifice of virgins in primative cultures. I absent mindedly put my two hands up against the glass and kept on walking, perhaps subconsciously thinking that I would push the door open with my superhuman strength.

No such luck-

Walked STRAIGHT into the glass. Smooshed my nose rather soundly. Left nose print. Complete and utter humiliation. The gods were laughing as I stumbled away from the door in manner of stunned bird... noticing just in time the trickle of blood slide between my lips. Gross. I gave myself a nosebleed. Righto.

Plus my nose, is like, TOTALLY throbbing. The gods were laughing as I stumbled towards my dorm, clutching a wadded up tissue to my face, I, their sacrificial virgin.

                          Only not.


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