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I’m new to the site and thought I would post my favorite Cluty story. It happened a while back; but these kinds of things happen to me / happen with me from time to time when I least expect it. I try to make a joke of it since I believe what doesn’t kill you should be laughed at. I hope you like.

(edited it to shorten it for Klutzy Chicks)

Attack Of The Mud Monsters
My weekend wasn’t so bad. A bit boring at times, a bit relaxing at times, a bit of wonder and a bit more entertaining? than I would have preferred…

There was a Pirate Festival in Ojai that I just couldn’t resist going to. All that leather, long hair and big swords and those were just the women! The men were a site to see as well.
I arrived pretty late so I was only able to stay that day for 2 hours. The costumes were colorful and the scene was a bit laid back.

The next morning
No snakes or coyotes this time (Note: That story is interesting too). I even kept an eye open to anything wild that this way may come. However it was the earth elements that go me this time.

I went back to the festival and wondered the vendor booths, had breakfast, watched a pretty funny juggling comedian, watch leather clad bois (one especially yummy) do some archery practice and than wandered to the lake. That’s where I was attached by the Mud Monsters!

As I was walking towards the dock about 100 yards from the festival, I suddenly felt my foot start to sink in to the soft ground of black mud. Thinking nothing more of it than possibly a little mud on my new boots, I continued on towards the docks when suddenly… my foot was grabbed from below by a hand that felt both solid and slimy. The very earth below me had formed into a hideous formation of a humanoid hand that would not let me move forward or backwards. Still in denial of what had me in it’s grips I tried to step forward towards the safety of the solid lake’s waters, but my other foot began to descend towards the abyss of the unholy creatures. Wrought with the determination that would not consume this spirit I fought not with my physical strength, for I knew that any physical struggles would only bury me deeper into their clutches. With my spirit of survival did I turn about to see what would aid my escape?

An old pirate who had seen many days before my own came to my call, but alas, for his mind was not as sharp with the drink from those many days behind him… another, a commoner tried with his wits to also aide me, but to no avail… I was firmly in the Mud Monster’s grasp. It was the quick thinking of a female commoner that saved my day… with her throw of a sturdy refuse cover of which I could brace myself so that I could lift my leg from the hellish grasps of doom to which I would have surely followed.

Bracing myself with my hands and my one leg that I managed to rip from their grasp, I put my Mud Monster blood covered leg on the solid material to which the mud monsters could not reach from beneath… I lifted myself from certain death and fled from their hellish depths of eternal Hell

The events of this story have not been exaggerated…they have only been rewritten to sound much more entertaining than the actual event of stepping into a sinkhole up to my knee & my thigh
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