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Yesterday started off like any other day. I got up, went to the gym (arms and cardio) and went to work. I was dressed a little nicer than normal, since I was planning to go to a memorial service for a co-worker yesterday.

Around noon, I went up to Project Director's office for a meeting about one phase of information gathering for our project. Meeting went well, and we generated good ideas. I was heading down the stairs back to my office with a a colleague when the heel of my left shoe got caught in my pants and down I went. Spectacularly. I lost my balance, fell down about 6 steps, pitched forward and banged my head on the cinderblock wall, ricocheting off and hitting the floor. Chaos ensued, as the collegue got help, in the form of the project director, who called the school nurse, and some of the people who I share office space with.

They helped me up, to the dean's office and I sat there, shaking and sore for a while. The nurse determined that I hadn't broken anything or concussed anything, and I was sent home. In fact, a coworker drove me home, since they didn't want to put me on the subway or subject me to the mercy of a taxi.

The final tally
banged up knees = 2 (one with a bruise, the other in an ace bandage and with a big scrape)
banged up wrist = 1
banged up head = right side
pants = tan linen, two holes, one from the heel of the shoe, the other from the injury itself
ego = bruised and amused.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go ice something.

It's expected I'll be mostly OK in a week or so, and fully functional in time for Japan.

But, in the mean time OW!
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