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I was being a big baby...

And I was all upset because I had gotten a bad chocolate shake from the diner by my house. We took them to go...my boyfriend went in and purchased them. When I took a sip before we pulled out of the lot I was disgusted-the syrup was nasty. I thought he would go and return it, but he didn't offer and I was really not interested in going into the place and being a pain in the ass to the guy in the diner, so we left. I was secretly very bummed that my boyfriend didn't offer to go exchange it-I know very selfish and bratty...but I was hormonal and moody, too...not that that excuses my behavior. Anyway, we get home and I am all huffy and I very dramatically throw the shake in a trash can outside but not before I spill the whole thing down the back of my white t-shirt! I had gotten so huffy that I brought my hand over my head with the shake to throw it into the trash can so hard to get my anger out and I ended up spilling it all over myself! Duh! I was so embarrassed. I made an ass out of myself...but see only klutzy girls would spill their shakes all over themselves in the middle of a temper tantrum! Or was it instant karma? hmm...
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