punkrockgirl (prg) wrote in klutzychicks,

Walk much?!?


Trying to slice the tip of my finger off Friday night while slicing bread wasn't enough. Really. (Actually, it is an exxageration, but it took 24 h for the bleeding to stop and I still have no feeling in that part of my finger as the sucker is healing).

Noooo. That wasn't good enough.

There she is, just a wa-alking down the street.
Oooof. THUMP. Splat.

I was walking (at night) from the local concert band practice off to meet "someone new" at the coffee shop down the street. Darn sidewalk. It actually reached up, took hold of the toe of my sandal and refused to let go. Clarinet case went flying. prg went flying. This is where the Splat part comes in. Both hands and right knee are now the victim of road rash. Ouch. Now I can only wonder how impressed that "someone new" was with my newly bloodied appearance... at least it wasn't my face, eh?
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